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  Up, Up and Away (Jimmy Webb)

The very same late Jimmy Webb tune made (in)famous by the Fifth Dimension, which Seks Bomba at some point and for some reason decided would make a fine instro rock tune - yes, instrumental - no beautiful balloons, twilight canopies etc, just a wee bit of tasteful mellotron and some way rocking drum fills. Recorded during the sessions for "Somewhere In This Town," but not used.

MP3 The Right Track (Baby) (Hall)
  This rocking & hyperactive version of the 2nd track on "Operation B.O.M.B.A." was recorded live at the Linwood Grill during the CD release party in 1999. Featuring Chris Cote's ever stylish vocalizing, punctuated by some extremely tenor sax work by Russ Gershon (Either Orchestra, etc) and more swell drumming from the highly underrated Brett Campbell.
MP3 Jet City (Silbert)
  Matt Silbert composed this hard charging neo-surf rocker, which serves as the opening track on the very first Seks Bomba full-length CD, "Operation B.O.M.B.A." A big & memorable melody over a nicely detailed arrangement, and check out them drums!
MP3 Somewhere In This Town (Hall)
  George wrote this one, the title track from the second release. "Gorgeous changes, killer singing...In a slightly off-kilter radio world, this would be number one on all charts next week" - John Heidt, Vintage Guitar (May, 2002)