The official Seks Bomba hyperlinks:

Matt Bunsen and the Burners - Outstanding project that features Matt and sometimes Chris
SomaFM - Check out Secret Agent Sounds - best modern lounge show on the net
Three Ring Circus - Excellent radio program on WMBR in Cambridge
Laika & the Cosmonauts - Finland's (& arguably everywhere else's) greatest instro combo
Los Straitjackets - The world's other arguably greatest instro rock combo
Seks Bomba Japanese Fan Site - Seks Bomba Japanese Fan Site (we assume...) - We joined the trend. No friends rejected!
- See how Seks Bomba fits into the global musical spectrum
Growling Flowers
- The most cool clothing out there
Medfield Makes Music - Lori's music school
The Weisstronauts - George's current band
Ad Frank - Tortured ballads and snappy dance numbers; Ad explains which is which
Paula Kelley - Wicked pop music, oft hyphenated with baroque, chamber & rock
Upper Crust - Thee genuine rocque, bred from only the narrowest pool of the highest quality genetic materials. Also, note the striking similarity between the Crust's Count Bassey & SB vocalist Chris Cote - coincidence?
Pete Weiss - Producer / engineer (Seks Bomba, among others) / performer (Weisstronauts) / etc...
Club D'elf - Another great Lizard Lounge band - Seks Bomba's page there
Sugar Twins - Wacky, zany, sexy, girlrock au go-go
Boston Rock Opera - Where the seeds of Bomba were sown...
Baby Ray - Eccentric, concentric, unusual (but consensual) pop and rock