Seks Bomba is a mostly-instrumental, Boston Music Award winning, very hard-to-define rock band. They performed extensively in the northeast (US) between 1995 and 2004, released 3 CDs, and made a lasting impact on modern lounge and surf music, still receiving airplay to this day. Seks Bomba

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News: Seks Bomba track receives 1,000,000 spins
The instrumental song entitled "Cal Tjader" from our "Thanks and Goodnight" album recently surpassed one million plays on Pandora. The cut still received about 1800 plays per week.

News: Seks Bomba on "A Girl With A Gun"
Available now: Wiaiwya Records 14 track compilation of spy music and James Bond theme songs featuring the SB version of Casino Royale.

YouTube: We've converted some unseen footage of the 4/20/2001 performance at the World Trade Center. Therefore, Seks Bomba now has a YouTube Channel!

seks bomba on audiosocket Seks Bomba Catalog Available for Licensing through Audiosocket
Video producers can quickly and easily license one of 27 Seks Bomba tracks now available on Audiosocket. Check it out here.