Seks Bomba Press and Quotes

What folks are saying about Somewhere in this Town
This is one of the most fun, most clever, and downright best CD's I've heard in a long time
- John Heidt, Vintage Guitar (May, 2002). Entire review

"Seks Bomba are easily one of the best bands doing the lounge thing. The sound of the band is driven by often richly toned post surf or jazz guitar, very powerful and effective bass, well developed and tasteful drums, and excellent organ, which is a rarity these days."
-- Phil Dirt, Reverb Central

"Somewhere in This Town is a dynamite blast of party rock fun."
-- Stewart Mason, All Music Guide

"Seks Bomba revels in antiquated pop music that flaunts sexuality, wealth and guilty fantasy. Organ- fueled soul-jazz is performed with hard grooves and competence. Seks swings."
-- C.S., The Columbus Dispatch

"It's another swinging hit. Twangy guitars, chunky B3 organ riffs, catchy melodies, and a pervasive sense of cool characterize the procedings."
-- Jim Catalano, Miles of Music

" This is the perfect background music for a house party."

"They have the knack for mixing it up by using all the styles available to them, so it never gets boring or stale. This CD is highly recommended."
-- MuzikMan (Associate Writer)

"Seks Bomba mixes more than just sophistication and a swank lifestyle into their music; they attack their instruments with jovial precision. This music is fun, but itís serious,"
-- Graham Wilson., The Weekly Dig

What folks were saying about Seks Bomba
Few rock musicians can mine a sense of humor without having it turn into musical camp or just another joke. Somehow, the quintet Seks Bomba succeeds with it's combination of lounge, metal, surf, pop and avant-rock with impressive musicianship and a sharp focus.
T. Lozaw, The Boston Herald

Beach Blanket Bingo on Acid
Surf spy rockers take notice: Boston's contemporary answer to lounge music can be found in the sounds of Seks Bomba, a quintet incorporating the vibes of highballs and high-speed car chases with quality musicianship and a unique sense of electric lounge style. Seks Bomba's sound is a mix of everything from surf rock to borderline heavy metal to soundtrack themes from bad movies, some of which exist (like "Love Me" from the cult favorite Bedazzled) and others that don't...
Jim Barillo - The Improper Bostonian

Their rendition of the lounge lizard anthem "Bright Lights and You, Girl" is cooler than cool McCool - you know what I'm talking about-AND I AINT JUST PUTTIN YOU ON!
Another winner from this inimitably affable crew. Most excellent.
**** 1/2 -Butch and Brenda, The Noise

On the rise, Rocking on the edge of jazz
David Wildman - The Boston Globe (see full article)

"muli-layered songs that are actually arranged, with the depth and panache of European films of the 1960s. "Satan's Shriner's" is a song that Bond, Blofeld and Beelzebub himself would love."
M.A. Ricciardi, The Noise
What folks are saying about Operation B.O.M.B.A.
Operation BOMBA
"There may not be a groovier band in Boston than Seks Bomba. The five piece has long been receiving accolades for their live shows, successfully integrating multiple musical interests."
Tom Kielty, The Boston Globe: (Read entire review)

"Perhaps one of the most distinctive bands in Boston... they get the blood pumping like plenty o' punk bands wish they could. Seks Bomba have mastered the delicate balance of being serious musicians who love to play fun music with humor."
Scott Hefflon, Lollipop: (Read entire review)

It's been a while since I've heard a record that was "fun" and "good" at the same time. Seks Bomba keep their wits about them throughout, and never let up on the action.
Ian Koss, Ink 19 Magazine: (Read entire review)

Seks Bomba are a spirited hybrid... there is no hidden message -it's all fun. Operation B.O.M.B.A. never lets up
David Greenberger, Metroland Magazine: (Read entire review)

A skillful crew, they deliver sophisticated jazz-tinged themes with sufficient drive to satisfy any old rocker tempted to taste and try.
Alan Taylor, Pipeline Magazine: (Read entire review)

"There are surf/spy bands, and then there's Seks Bomba. Quite possibly the best among the new bands in their niche, they not only feature tight, hard-hitting musicianship but also swinging vocals from Chris Cote that are actually strong enough to rival those of Tom Jones."
College Music Journal

"Seks Bomba is a sharp and unique blend of musical styles played with passion. " (Read entire review)

"They stay on the right side of the line between hip irony and inspired trash."
Brett Milano, The Boston Phoenix: (Read entire review)

"We found ourselves captivated by Seks Bomba from the first track of the album."
Chris Morris, Billboard: (Read entire review)

"Chris Cote's smooth vocals are enough to make a girl swoon."
Lisa Yoon, The Noize:
Live Reviews and more quotes
Live at The Linwood - 9/19/98:
"Seks Bomba switched big-ass gears with their precise, intelligent, tasteful-but-no-less-whompin' set of lunacy. Hilarious and beautiful at once, it'd be easy to throw the lounge tag at 'em, but lounge is the least of it. It's more like Vic Damone takes a shitload of acid, thinks he's James Bond in a diaper and turban (with bad jewelry), buys a hot-pink surfboard and heads out for Venus. The chemistry, material and delivery are perfectly sublime. Bomba know what they're doing in ways most bands can't begin to fathom. Important and fun: go figure."
Joe Coughlin, The Noize

Live at TT the Bear's - 8/2/97:
Seks Bomba took the realm of exotica to the outer limits of their Esquivelian cosmos. Loved their cover of Burt Bacharach's "Do You Know the Way to San Jose?" Seks Bomba's performance was like the tastiest dessert.....
Joel Simchas, The Noise

Reviving the sounds of the Cold War era, Seks Bomba plays everything from the deliciously wicked original "Satan's Shriners" to a mod cover of Burt Bacharach's "Do You Know the Way to San Jose." This local cocktail band, which began as a one-shot performance, has blossomed into a skillful ensemble that adeptly mixes jazz and retro pop.
Christopher Muther, Boston Sidewalk

"...witty, rhythmic, and capable of delivering a filmy guitar vs. Hammond reward worth more than a few listens."
Phil Dirt - KFJC

How can we resist?
Stuff@night Magazine

"This band is wonderful. Get out your favorite cocktail glass, mix a drink, put on the hifi and enjoy!"
Kerry Scott, Instant Magazine

This wild combo of smart lounge/surf/(fill in blank) is tight and trim...Can't wait to see more from this class act. Until then, see them live...often
Stacy Toons, Cheese Ball Magazine

"Seks Bomba's repertoire appears to have been appropriated from a wedding band from hell, or Pluto..."
T. Lozaw, Boston Herald

"Late night WLVI-TV 56...Mannix...Jack Lord...Steve McQueen...better yet, the Big Bald One, racing through the steaming summer streets in a Caddy, screeching to a stop on the sidewalk outsidesome abandined building...Seks Bomba is all about highballs, big, fast cars, darkened Polynesian lounges full of big- and small-time, laconic, licensed to kill."
M. Ricciardi, The Noise
Fan Mail
Overheard at a party:
"They are GREAT - kind of Thelonious Monk meets Surf Rock and everyone does a just a little acid"
Dan Solomon, (Unsolicited Review)

Lia from Brazil - via email

Seks Bomba rocks the house!!! You all sounded fabulous. You are getting tighter each show. Thanks for the good times, and the martinis at the Lizard Lounge are mighty tasty.
Ben Kemp - via email

Just caught your show at the lizard lounge.. fantastic!! Anyways I've seen you play four times now and it seems that you get better and better everytime and the crowds keep getting bigger too.... Looking forward to seeing you again... Thanx for a great night
david lambert - via email